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"The winter plays havoc on our client parking areas. SM Sweeping keep those areas clear of snow, but maintains the markings and cleans the filth so our clients have a clean, safe area to enter our business."

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Power Sweeping
Our fleet of 12 sweeping trucks – each with unique capabilities - ensures that we’ve the proper capabilities to cost-effectively can handle any job, large or small.

For routine sweeping, our parking lot sweeping teams rely on our fleet of Tymco 210 and Elgin Air Cub sweepers with regenerative air machines. These unique powerful air vacuum sweepers quickly and consistently remove cigarette butts, paper, plastic lids, coffee cups, cans, leaves, glass, and other debris from parking lots.

For tougher jobs such as sand removal and construction site cleanup, our crews are supported by our heavy-duty Tenant 830 and Athey Top Gun broom machines or our 330 h.p Elgin Air Bear – a larger, high-power regenerative street sweeper with incredible pick-up performance and an 8-yard hopper capacity.  These upscale machines ensure the removal quick and cost-effective removal of sand, gravel and heavy dirt from your parking lot.

Snow Removal

Our fleet of 10 snowplow and dump trucks are heavy-duty, proven performers that are regularly maintained and ready at a moment’s notice to tackle Colorado’s rapidly changing weather conditions.  In addition, we’ve got substantial equipment such as snow blowers and snow sweepers to help with the detail work required for steps, sidewalks and smaller locations.