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"SM Sweeping always exceeds our expectations. Reliable and consistant. The snow never affects our business flow and we have SM Sweeping to thank for that. I would recommend them to anyone."

Sandy, Broomfield



"The quality of the work blew me away. I articulated what our previous sweeping crew did wrong and SM picked up the slack. There won't be a need for us to call any other sweeping company that I am sure of. Top Notch Service guys, thanks."

Allan, Wheat Ridge


"When we moved our operations to Denver we never realized how much the climate would effect how our customers access our business. SM Sweeping took that worry away and now takes care of all of our enviromental needs. The best of the best, great work."


Natalie, Aurora









Our Services

Parking Lot Sweeping 
In today's highly aggressive market, property managers cannot spare the unclean image caused by the improper maintenance and sweeping of their parking lots.  SM Sweeping employs a large fleet of regenerative air sweepers and mechanical broom sweepers, which are maintained on a daily basis for reliability and top performance.  In addition to improving the aesthetics of your parking lots, we’ll also give similar attention to your:   


Snow Plowing & Snow Removal

Snowstorms are a reality of living in the area-but that doesn't mean you have to be at their mercy.  Our snow plowing and snow removal services combat the effects of major snowstorms and have your parking lot and sidewalks cleared quickly and easily.  Our team of seasoned snow plowing and removal professionals and 10 snowplow trucks are coordinated through our dispatch center via two-way radio, cellular telephone, and pager combine to provide our customers with the best possible results.


Power Washing: 
Using specialized power-washing equipment, SM Sweeping will keep your exterior grounds, parking lots and parking garages looking spotless.  Our power washing systems are some of today's fastest and most effective and easily remove hazardous spills, graffiti, grime, oil spots, or chewing gum. 

Parking Lot Striping & Curb Painting 
A well-marked parking lot promotes safety and convenience by informing your customers where to park, stop or walk. A professionally striped/marked parking area will

SM Sweeping can restore that like-new appearance by repainting stripes, curbs, signs, wheel stops, handicap markings, stencils and other markings.  Our power washing crews can wash down your painted stripes and curbs prior to repainting to remove flaking paint and provide a secure bond that extends the life of the paint.  We use the best fast-drying paints and apply them professionally and reliably.  In addition, our curb painting service can help to enforces designated parking and non-parking areas. It also adds to safety for pedestrians, not to mention how crisp it makes the parking lot look.